About us

logo_cdm“Il Canto delle Muse” is a non-profit cultural assosiation based in Rovigo (Italy); its aim is to promote musical and artistic activities in collaborations with public administration and privates, in order to spread knowledge of XVI, XVII and XVIII music, with the help of renown team of professional in the cultural and musical field. The association organizes activities such as courses, Masterclasses, internships, musical laboratories and schools, concerts, music festivals, opera productions and cultural events in addition to the production of documentary material (musical transcriptions, lecture verbals, musical studies, CDs, DVDs…). These activities aim to re-descover and spread unknown works which are never executed in modern times, at the same time training and promoting young local musicians and professionals, in order to valorize, whenever possible, the territories where the projects are taking place.

The Association integrates and develops further the experiences of associations such as Associazione Polifonico Città di Rovigo, Associazione La Pifarescha, Associazione Consortium Carissimi, Associazione De labyrintho and Associazione Collegium Musicum “Antonio Burlini”.

Since 2010 has promoted three masterclasses on antique music focusing on Claudio Monteverdi’s repertoire of sacred, profane and instrumental compositions (MilleSeicentoDieci and Aspettando Orfeo respectively) and on the roman musical production, starting from Palestrina to the Opera in Bernini’s time (Rovigo Musica Antica 2012 “Alla riva del Tebro”). These courses were a success, born of the the joint effort of more than 150 collaborators including students, teachers, guest, musicians, technicians and organizers.

In addition to the courses, three festivals of Antique music have been planned, totaling 28 concerts who took place in historic and artistical settings and churches throughout the province of Rovigo, employing more than 120 professionals.

Our concerts and educational activities gained the approval and the support of many communal administrations in the province and of the provincial administration itself, in addition to many renown entities responsible for musical and educational promotion (Conservatorio “F. Venezze” of Rovigo, Teatro Sociale of Rovigo…).

The projects of “Il Canto delle Muse” outstretched the national borders thanks to RTV Koper-Capodistria (Slovenia), which followed and broadcasted many activities of the association. A planf for 2013 summer courses is actually being developed, featuring 19 courses (masterclasses, courses and internships) and a festival which will include 8 concerts and 2 lectures.